About Monique

For many, the path of change may seem shadowed, rocky, impassable, and steep.  What if you had someone help you see things through a new lens? To gain a new perspective?  Perhaps the path would seem less intimidating and more manageable to navigate with more light than shadows.

Fort Myers Psychiatry and Counseling

Hi. I’m Monique.
You have already taken the first steps of change by seeking out professional help. Like many of my clients, you have likely tried many options to overcome your situation only to be on here today. But like my clients, I am glad that you have now found your solution to feeling better once and for all.

Feeling tired, fearful and hesitant to trust your story with someone is something we all experience when seeking help. This is why we always offer a free phone consultation. Not only is it your opportunity to see if I am the right fit to help you but it’s also my opportunity to truly learn if I am the right person to help you.

I have had the privilege of working with individuals, couples, and families for fifteen years. My professional experience has allowed me to provide quality results to my clients. Through my own experiences (including therapy) I have discovered the peace that comes with quality help and that is what I want to offer you today.

My Approach & Values

From my early years, I developed my passion for preserving relationships because I experienced firsthand the joy in redemption and restoration, I know that if you are willing to put in the work, life can be fulfilling again.

Divorce and hardships took the foundation from me as a teenager and it took a lot of work for me to find stability and a better way of coping with my current situation. From early in my life, I developed a strong passion for preserving relationships because I have experienced firsthand the joy that redemption and restoration can bring to a family. My passion and drive only grew with my professional experiences and through the years, restoring hope in families was clearly where I thrived. As a woman of faith, I believe I was called to take this journey with my clients and I take pride in bringing this same hope to my clients every day.

No matter what you may be going through, there is hope.

I specialize in working with couples, families, teenagers, and individuals who struggle with emotional and relational distress. From depression to anxiety, grief and trauma,  I have helped countless overcome these challenges and restore hope back into their lives.

Let us get started today!  Call me for your free phone consultation and start smiling now because everything as you know it is about to change!

My Experience and Education

  • Northcentral University, graduated with honors: Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Over 15 Years of experience working in community-based care and private practice settings, residential and outpatient facilities working with a diverse population of ages and needs.
  • Extensive history working with all facets of adoption, foster care and family reunification through custody and court appointed cases.

Call our office and let’s talk. If I am not the right person to help, I will personally connect you with the appropriate therapist in your area. I look forward to connecting.