Anxiety or Normal Child behavior???

Katherine Gutierrez, M.S. Child, Adolescent & Young Adult Mental Health Therapist Understanding your child’s behaviors can sometimes be overwhelming. They are still learning so much about

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New Beginnings

The bumpy and beautiful moments in blending families: New beginnings can bring feelings that range from excitement to anxiety and everything in between.  When the

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The Effects Of Social Media On Children

Social Media allows us to make connections with individuals all over the world. It has also become an essential part of modern society. But with

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Gratitude Month

November is National Gratitude Month. Adopt an attitude of gratitude during these difficult times. Studies show that gratitude can be an effective way to enhance well-being,

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Signs You Can Benefit From a Therapist

Signs You Could Benefit From Therapy  Therapy is NOT about telling you what to do. It’s about helping you organize your thoughts in a way