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First responders play an important role in our society. When problems arise, you are the one called to clean up the mess. You spend so much of your time focused on helping others that it becomes easy to forget your own needs in the process.

Whether you’re putting on the uniform for the first time or have been wearing it for 30 years, one thing remains the same.

That it takes a lot to admit that things are not okay.

As a first responder, family time is just not the same as everyone else. When you finish your shift, you’d choose staying home over going out any day. No one understands why you don’t want to “socialize” or why you would prefer to keep to yourself and enjoy some silence over a family event.

No one understands why just making a call to the bank feels like a task or why at a restaurant you need to watch the door. They don’t understand unless they’ve been there.

We get it.

And it’s not until you find a therapist that gets it, that your relationships will start to change. We have a team of professionals that only work with first responders and that will make the difference in your results.

This group was meant to share with other veterans and first responders how it is possible to live a balanced life while still doing the job that you are passionate about.

It's Time To Shift The Focus

Wearing the uniform opened my eyes to two major challenges first responders face:

The misconception that because of the type of job you do, you are “tough and unbreakable.” That what you are going through is a part of the job and you just need to “get your shit together and move to the next call” because this is a part of the job and counseling is for the weak.
You develop strong bonds with your peers but if you ask most of your brother or sisters on shift for help, they become an expert at telling you what to do instead of helping you figure out for yourself what is best.
This is why finding a professional therapist with experience in our unique field will give you and/or your family the best results in your life.

So take this opportunity as shift change. Permission to allow yourself to focus on you, the immense pressure you face and how your unique career is affecting your life.

The passion we have for helping you is because counseling literally changed our life. And I want to offer you the same outcome today!

Make the call.

You will soon realize that our approach is life changing!

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More Information

According to the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance:

Barriers preventing first responders from accessing necessary mental health services include:

  • There is shame and stigma surrounding mental health
  • We prioritize bravery and toughness
  • The public remains largely unaware of these issues
  • A vast majority of first responder suicides are not covered by the mainstream media
  • Of the 18,000 law enforcement agencies across the United States, approximately 3–5% have suicide prevention training programs.

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