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There is Hope!

You’ve landed here because you want to transform your life. You are ready to make progress but no matter how hard you try, it seems like you don’t get anywhere.

Maybe someone you care about has told you that something is just not the same or has shared concerns. Maybe someone else has recommended individual counseling. But you know these concerns yourself and even though you try to make things better, it continues to affect you. We know how overwhelming it is to feel this way.

Maybe what you’re going through has caused you to say, “ENOUGH!”

Some things in your life need to change – now! If understanding what’s going on in your life doesn’t seem possible, the answer is yes, with quality counseling, there is hope for change!!

Seeking help is new and scary and if it’s anything like when I was seeking help, it’s probably causing you to have a million mixed emotions. Few people can effectively function when they feel like this, so I commend you for having made it this far. One common and most concerning question I get from potential clients on the first call is, “How much do you charge?”, and the answer determines if they book an appointment or move on to the next therapist’s phone number. It’s not until I ask them to take a moment and think about their question and compare the importance of that question to your individual counseling needs, that they take a moment and truly ask the more important questions. Certainly I understand that cost is important. I am a consumer on a salary and need to budget my life too. But would the cost really matter if I am not the right person to help you? Would paying $50 per session instead of $100 matter if you figure out several months later that the $50 therapist was not the right person to help you?

Fort Myers Psychiatry and Counseling

If your life depended on the expertise of a medical professional, would you not research the best provider that can meet your needs and then have a ton of questions related to how they will help you? Well, the situation you are experiencing right now should merit nothing less. It deserves a therapist who is trained and experienced enough to help you achieve understanding and develop a plan of change through individual counseling.

Fort Myers Psychiatry and Counseling

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