Gratitude Month

November is National Gratitude Month. Adopt an attitude of gratitude during these difficult times. Studies show that gratitude can be an effective way to enhance well-being, decrease stress, improve sleep, lower depression, build resilience, and boost self-esteem. Practicing gratitude creates a sense of calm by opening the heart, relaxing the body, and bringing a positive perspective to life’s ups and downs.

Here are 6 simple strategies to foster gratitude in your heart and home.

  • Journal daily about three things for which you are grateful.
  • Think about someone for whom you are grateful.
  • Send a letter (or even a text) to someone and express your gratitude for them.
  • Practice saying “thank you” while really meaning it.
  • Take a walk and experience the beauty of nature.
  • Decorate a family “Gratitude Jar” or “Gratitude Box.” Encourage family members to write notes of gratitude to each other on a daily or weekly basis. Read the notes out loud at dinnertime. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to share the notes with the family at the table.

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