Our Process

At A Peaceful Mind, we have created a unique process geared towards customizing a treatment plan for each client. This process has proven again and again to help our clients get back to living their best lives.

Phase 1: Discovery

Discovery begins with our initial call. We will never work with someone that we are not completely confident we can help. If we agree that we can meet your specific needs, we will welcome you to your initial consultation. As specialists, this is how we ensure that we never waste your time with an appointment before we are confident in our ability to help you. At the consultation, we gather more information on the presenting problem, your prior attempts to solve the situation (so we don’t waste time doing what you’ve already tried), and prepare your individual plan of care.

Phase 2: Awareness

We identify in what areas (past, present, or even future thinking) your current situation has affected your life. This is important so we can focus our attention on what is affecting you in your current life and how we can bring change immediately. Bringing awareness to the situation and possible temporary solutions gives us an opportunity to bring you some understanding so that we can transition to real work in the next phase. This includes a customized plan of care with the exact recommendations that your therapist has for you AND how long we expect your care to last—no more counting on us to tell you when you are finished with counseling. We put you in control of your therapy from session 1.

Phase 3: Healing & Restoring

This is where the healing begins. Once we have identified specific events in your life, triggers that aggravate the situation, and what has not worked in the past, we begin to address the core of the issues with results that you can see immediately. This is where getting you back to living your best life without needing months or years of therapy comes in. This is therapy with results you can count on!

Phase 4: Transition to Discharge

Once we have addressed the past and made sense of the present situation that originally led to your call, we begin our transition to discharge. This is where most other practices fail. They focus so much on the ‘problem of the week’ that they fail to identify that you have a life to live and it should NOT include years of counseling. Quality work is the very reason our clients don’t need years of therapy. A successful discharge involves less frequent sessions to ensure that the work we have done is permanent. After a few check-ins, if all is well (as expected) then we remain here for you when you need us.

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