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Signs You Can Benefit From a Therapist

Signs You Could Benefit From Therapy 

Therapy is NOT about telling you what to do. It’s about helping you organize your thoughts in a way that lets you discover for yourself, what you should do.

Here are a few symptoms to look for when trying to determine if it’s time to seek professional help.

Depressed Mood

Trouble getting out of bed, not feeling rested even after long periods of time in bed. Increased desire for sleep and/or lack of interest in activities that were once enjoyable.


Do you feel easily irritated or irritable enough that it just seems like everyone is a bother? Maybe work is starting to affect you or its carrying into your personal life (or vice-versa).

Decreased Interest in Activities That Were Pleasurable

Are you noticing a desire to stay away from activities you once enjoyed? Are you not getting the same amount of pleasure from those activities? A lack of interest in things you used to enjoy could be a clue that there’s something more going on.

Fatigue or Loss of Energy

Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning or are you feeling fatigued or tired throughout the day? If you’re not able to feel rested or energized, even after a full night’s rest, it may be something to consider seeking a professional consultation.

Feelings of Worthlessness or Inappropriate Guilt

Have you noticed a decrease in your self worth or have guilt about things you can’t control? 

Diminished Ability to Think or Concentrate

Are you having trouble focusing at work or school? Do you find your mind drifting or wandering throughout the day, even when you have something important to focus on? That inability to focus might be more than just a lack of concentration or interest. 

Sleep Disturbance or Restlessness

Are you having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Not getting a full night’s rest? Along with certain sleep disorders, restlessness can be a physical sign of a bigger problem that must be treated. Sleep is where your body recharges and without it, how much can you be expected to function? You wouldn’t expect your phone to work without recharging it right? You deserve the same.

Relationship Challenges

Have you noticed different challenges in your relationship? Are you fighting more with your spouse or family? Or are you trying to distance yourself from the people close to you? Instead of abandoning those relationships altogether, take advantage of individual, couples, and family counseling to make sure you gave that relationship your all. We understand that you may not be able to keep a close relationship with all of your family. But be sure you speak with someone to clear up any doubts that may be present for you before calling it quits.

Trauma, Grief, or Loss

Having experienced trauma, grief or loss can be devastating. If untreated, the situation just becomes years old but not healed. The old concept of ‘Time heals all wounds’ is not completely true. That theory is a one size fits all approach that we don’t all fit into. Unresolved situations can continue to affect us years later and before you know it, you are completely consumed with deep levels of depression because you never properly healed. 

There are just some of the symptoms to be aware of. All are concerns that if untreated, can manifest into a lifetime of unhappiness, grief and lack of joy.

But great news is: EMDR Therapy is a solution with immediate results. Read more about it on our page and visit to find a qualified therapist in your area. This will transform your life once and for all. 

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